Wednesday, September 05, 2012

There are a lot of options available for those who intend to create their websites themselves. Be it Blogger or any other servce, wordpress is indeed one of the best options. It will be a fantastic experience once you get into having your own wordpress website. The major reasons for using wordpress for having your own website is that it has got some excellent features and options which make wordpress stand out in the business.

Following are a few key feature offered by wordpress which make it a fantastic option to create small business website:

1.It is free

Unlike many other paid websites, wordpress is absolutely free to install and can be used to build your websites. However, the hosting charges will have to be paid, which in turn is also come down to be very cheap (less than $ 15 per month). The other benefit of it being free is that you can utilize multiple set ups of word press and have multiple websites for publishing. Finding hosting services, which allow more than one website hosting through a single account, won’t be difficult in today’s times. The situation can be taken towards much advantage by users who intend to run multiple websites at a time.

2. Ease of use and maintenance

The only pre requisite for using wordpress is the know-how to type some text in boxes and click on a few buttons. There are a lot of other open source software that are available and can be used, but wordpress is considered the easiest and most intuitive of all of them.

3. Flexiblity

Besides creating blogs, wordpress can be used for much wider purposes. Creating a website, a website with blog, e-commerce website, online portfolio, membership site are a few to name.

4. No knowledge of graphic designing required

Absolutely no features in wordpress demand knowledge of graphic designing, as wordpress has been made to appear very intuitive to the user.

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